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GET STARTED by registering and following the steps to link your cards. In a few seconds you’ll have access to manage what cards you have linked at all times.


Use your card like you normally would and Zero takes care of the rest. We round-up all of your daily transactions to the nearest dollar amount.

Debt Free

Zero automatically uses your change to pay down your student loans. We even analyze your unique financial situation and minimize the amount of interest you pay.


What is Round-Up to ZeroTM

Simply put, Round-Up to Zero™ is an automated program that allows its users to round-up their daily purchases and automatically contribute the change to their linked student loan account.

Our proprietary Round-Up to Zero™ algorithm rounds your daily transactions to the nearest dollar amount and automatically contributes the change to your desired student loan. Our algorithm also identifies the optimal time to issue payments on your student loan using your change to minimize the amount of interest you pay over the lifetime of your loan. Zero analyzes the financial information that you provide and provides tailored solutions based on your unique situation.

By making these monthly contributions users have the unique ability to reduce their principal loan amount automatically. The result is that these small, incremental payments greatly reduce the lifetime of your loan and the amount of interest you pay over the lifetime of the loan.


Additionally, you can invite an unlimited number of supporters to help you pay down your student loans even faster. Think of it at crowd funding for your student loan. You lead the charge and invite friends, family or even your employer or university to join your Round-Up to Zero™ Account. Once they join, your supporters will have the choice to match all or a portion of your round-ups each month, independently link their cards for round-up on your behalf or choose a set amount they would like to contribute each month. Adding supporters takes seconds and can have a huge impact on your loans.

Invite your employer or university to join your individual account or refer them to us and we’ll work with them to roll out a company/campus-wide program that will have an even bigger impact on your loans.

Who can Join?

Have student loans? You can join. Any current student, graduate or parent of a student/graduate with student loans can join Round-Up To Zero™. Simply begin by clicking get started and register for an account in seconds.

Once registered, we’ll ask you for some supporting information and instantly authenticate your account. You’ll immediately be able to link your credit/debit cards for round-ups and invite anyone in your circle who you think will help you pay off your student debt.